Golden Kids Membership
How to sell your kids clothes & accessories

Over the course of childhood children on average go through just over 900 pieces of clothing. Only 12% of discarded clothing ends up being recycled each year globally.

At Kids O’clock we help this process by taking care of giving new life to your unwanted childrenswear garments.

Good quality items were made to last longer and we believe they shouldn’t be thrown away. We give people the chance to give them a second life and lengthen their lifespan.

Our website is here to curate second hand children’s clothes so they’re easier to sell and buy.

Self upload

Quick and efficient

  • Empty your closet
  • Upload your items (brands)
  • You set up your price
  • Ship when it sells
  • Get the money each time you sell
  • We take 30% of the sale, your get the rest on your bank account.
Upload your item
Golden Kids Membership

The hassle free option tailored to busy parents

  • We photograh, upload and respond to the buyer questions on your behalf
  • Empty your closet, clean and prepare your box (brands)
  • Confirm your tracking number time here
  • Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks for upload time - (please excuse us if we take longer)
  • We take 30% of the sale, your get the rest on your bank account.
Purchase membership
Advice & Things to Bear in Mind
  • 1.Please make sure your items are in sellable condition and mention any imperfections in the product description.
  • 2.Please wash your items before listing and sending them to make sure they arrive to the buyer in good condition.
  • 3.When pricing your item we would like to ask that you take into consideration any wear.
  • 4.Please find the list of brands accepted for self upload here, and golden membership here.
  • 5.Failure to respect these guidelines will results in your items being sent to charity.