The Golden Kids Member,
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White Gloves

The Golden Kids membership allows you to send us all of your kids clothes to sell on the platform. We send you a courrier/prepaid label. Once recieved, we proceed with selection of your items and take care of the rest.

A stress free process

The Kids O'clock team is then in charge of: pricing, photographing, writing descriptions, responding to customer inquiries, and shipping your items. All you need to do is fill out your profile with your bank information. Payment will go through 15 days after sale has been completed, to avoid uncomfortable situations as much as possible.

A golden badge

It is literally your ticket to the highest level of trust there is at Kids O'clock. It means your kids' closets are in our hands, and we assure our community that your items have been verified by our team of professionals.

Cash at your fingertips

Once your profile is verified, bank info has been input, and items uploaded, Kids O'clock will send you 20$ of each sale, 15 days after the latest transcation. All items we do not accept, will be sent to charity. We keep items for 2 years, after which you will be able to retrieve your items, should you want to.

Golden Kids Membership
Golden Kids Membership

Golden Membership Conditions:

Kids closets must be 15 items minimum. We only accept a handful of brand names. For further information, please reach out to us on

Are you a brand / a retailer?

Kids O'clock is a proud partner of Reflaunt, a tech company that promotes resell of your sales, aswell as older stock.

Email for more details.

Any questions? Doubts? Suggestions?

Email us at